• Z'heir Khali

The Freshman

Fresh! (Whistle) Yeah, I'm Fresh! Dipped to the neck come checkout my check. Gum Bottom Baby from the era of ‘The Fresh’ Hi-Top SFB’s make you need SPF. Light step when I step; mid-sole looking wet. 3m finish just might make you wreck. Caution!!! We break necks. So who's next? Come correct or get flexed. What you expect? ‘round here we flossing.

Like your dentist, getting chicken, looking extra saucy. Oooouuuu It's drippin’ like a leaky faucet. I Know you see it but you can't staunch it. Stitch lip! Let my swoosh do da barking Have your boosts rolling over doing tricks on the tarmac They be like Daaaaaang! Look how his straps hang. My Nikes and Me: Just doing it mane.

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