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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Unlike any art piece you have ever seen or heard. What is understood needs no explanation… in most cases. But with this skin in a white supremacist racist environment I double down on my dimes and give a vivid statement. One that will cause jaws to drop from faces. A loud alarm bell for any organism with a brain who finds facts to be evasive. How I wish I could erase it and all the pain it has brought here. Nonetheless, we own no ships, planes and time machines so I where glistening scars on my skin without fear. This. Is. Reality. My Peer. Stare into this current state and allow the truth to sear. Only then will we see efforts to evoke change. Only then will we see a canopy appearing the same.

This here collection of artistic pieces is a visual and audible exigency for the 400+ year plight those who look and sound like me have been born into. This is my attempt at creating an awareness around the pain and deceit perpetrated against the Black Man and subsequently the Black Woman and the Black Family. Not one color will make you know what insidiousness lurks in every inner-city neighborhood. But truly, what would make you know what is this insidiousness which lurks within the inner-city? The insidiousness that is rife within the inner city causes our scars, tears and tombstones to sprout forth faster than unkempt lawns or school house graduations. The deception that leads to dilapidation of living situations does not stop until gentrification has made its way in. I say this not to disturb your peace but it would be Ludacris to think me and my kind are free. Free to be Murdered, slain and caged! Shot in the back while entering my vehicle or smoked in my home while my woman’s head still lay on her pillow.

“Via canvas and a kick with the seasoning of stanzas spit”

Via canvas and a kick with the seasoning of stanzas spit this is the cry of every mother and grandmother who has lost a son, husband and a brother. This is for Flint. This is for Baltimore. This is for Seattle and all the black citizens murdered by armed, uniformed, public servants within the past 5 years alone. This is for every Black Hueman who felt the world hated them so thoroughly that they caused themselves to perish at the strike of their own hands. This is for every BIPOC who is in touch with their history. The history overflowing with buck breaking and buck farms. Murder and molestation at the hands of European sadists. Theft and enslavement of person and planet. Injustice in any land is injustice to every Hueman. This is a testament to the power and elegance of those who have intimate ties to oppression and Hueman trafficking. To the Uighur and Rohingya. To those taken advantage of by corporations and conglomerations. You all are beautiful but your beauty has been streaked with the bars of a cage and the pain of your struggle has been eschewed away by those who prefer to focus their brains on throne games. But I stand with you. Because too, I am caged.

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