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The Lab

Out doing R&D in the Downtown Seattle Area for a future Trifecta project.
The Coalition is Collecting Concepts

ColLABoration. That is what The Lab lives. I am because We are. The Ubuntu methodology. Art. Fashion. Expression. Through knowledge we acquire versatility and confidence in application methods. In that act is where growth lies. Sustainable growth. Growth which can become a foundation for the bigger composition of a lifetime of architecture. I am but a cog in this ever growing machine of eclectic visionaries. So when i say We and it is only my chocolate mug visible in the image, it is The Coalition (Which i am indicating with my index there) that was just as vital as the actions captured in the shot. This is and will always be a cove of creativity. A palace for people who pursue their passions. Keep up with our journey that will never reach a final destination right here in the LAByrinth.

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