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Caged Beauty

Caged Beauty

We both see the blue canopy Hung above so grand; But the expanse is bleak From where I stamp my feet.

Change came swift Striking! Yes, they were striking! With flashes like lightning... What a horror for a king.

This here is no home; No stars nor storms. No laughing and calling From those insatiable hoards.

Rust is my royalty

Seeping streaks of disloyalty. Triple tension the temp is boiling- With no way to flee.

Only greet peace when deceased? Much deceit with no receipt. Distorted bills go unfulfilled- Yet Gold is my cheek?

Bigotry my enemy. If I'm a beast then let me be. Escape the fields regain and build- Now scarred and swollen is my cheek?

See I know why the bird flaps and flees; I hear why the chimpanzee screams; I feel the pain of the wildebeest’s grief... Yet you still know not why I stamp my feet.

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